• About HKIS
HKIS History
The Hong Kong Institution of Science (HKIS) was established in 1992 to foster the development of science in Hong Kong and to facilitate the development of links with scientific communities in the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and overseas. The Institution has nearly 400 members covering the fields of physical science, life science, engineering science and mathematics. It has been taking an active role in supporting the development of innovation and technology in Hong Kong.
Major Objective
To foster and increase the general knowledge of the public in the sciences;
To promote and encourage for the benefit of the public the advancement of knowledge in the field of scientific studies, research, developments and practice in all respects;
To promote education, training and research in the field of general and/or specific pure and/or applied scientific research, development and practice;
To sponsor and co-ordinate scientific interchange and cooperation between science practitioners in all science related departments of all tertiary educational institutions, government and industrial sector ( collectively called as "the Hong Kong scientific community");
To organise courses, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, television and radio programmes and other events for the dissemination of knowledge and information in science;
To award prizes, scholarships and bursaries to such persons and for such purposes as are conducive to the promotion of science;
To organise competitions and similar events for the promotion of invention, research and development in science;
To organise and/or provide funding for research projects, study groups and other events for the promotion of invention, research and development in science;
To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and information in science on local, regional and international levels.